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Learn the basics of Local SEO. What it is and, in straight forward steps, how you can use it to beat your competition and increase your revenue. Includes downloadable charts and checklist.
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What You Will Learn


All the vital information needed to increase traffic to your website.



Learn how to master Google My Business to get regular customers to your website



Use both directories and social media to get 10 times more results



Understand how to optimise your website ranking just by using Local SEO



Use local SEO strategies and monitor your success



Download charts to help you implement immediately

About The Instructor

Joseph is the Malta branch manager and trainer at FairTech.

He is passionate about helping FairTech's clients to double and triple their income with online marketing.

In this course, Joseph explains how you can implement Local SEO in order to reach more clients and get regular new business.

Joseph K. Muscat

Master Local SEO and beat your competitors!

This is the key to increasing your weekly, monthly and yearly income.

Increase your revenues

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Start your Local SEO course now!

€350 €94
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