Video That Sells

Learning how to create a video that sells is very important to help you capture your viewers’ attention and convert them into customers. If you know how to make your video compelling to the viewers, you can easily connect with them so that they can relate to you.


Your video should cover psychological points to trigger your audience’s emotions to eventually capture their attention and turn them into customers.

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What Will You Learn:

  • How long your video should be

How to cover psychological points for success

How to double or triple your outcome with the right call to actions

What’s the most important part of your video

How to best introduce your offer

How to establish value and credibility


In this course, you learn what are the important parts that your video should have in order to convert your viewers into sales. You will learn to create credibility and how to best relay the value of your offering to get new clients and increase your sales.


We’ve included a template for you in this course that you can fill out so that you can save time and easily create a script for your video. Not only that, we’ve also included a written version of the course and manual with an explanation on how to fill in the blanks on the template.


Get started with creating your video and turn potential clients to high paying customers.


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About The Instructor

Joseph is the Malta branch manager and trainer at FairTech.

He is passionate about helping FairTech's clients to double and triple their income with online marketing.

In this course, Joseph explains how you can implement Local SEO in order to reach more clients and get regular new business.

Joseph K. Muscat

Frequently Ask Question

A: Yes, you can take the course any time, when it’s most convenient for you.

A: Yes, you can retake any module in the course as many times as you want.

A: Yes, once you buy the course, you will be able to download a text version of the course in word document, out and pdf format.

A: The length of the videos varies per module but each video takes about 10 to 30 minutes long.

Video that sells

Creating a video that sells will help you to introduce your offer in the best way so that the audience sees the value of it and the benefits they can get. If you have a video that is attractive enough to connect with your audiences’ emotions, you can create a rapport with them and connect with them to stop their doubts and buy what you’re offering.

Creating a video that sells will help you:


Create rapport with your audience and build credibility

Introduce your offer in the best way possible to connect with your audience's emotions

Create the right call to actions to double or even triple your outcome


Learning how to create a video that sells is important to be able to touch on the psychological points and emotions that will push your audience to buy what you are offering. It will help you establish the value of your offering and create a price contrast that will differentiate you from your competitors and get new clients regularly.

Video That Sells

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