Monitor Your Leads

“A business that does not monitor it’s process has zero value!”

- Jay Abraham


Monitoring your leads can help you identify hurdles within your marketing strategies. It’s very easy to see which area needs fine-tuning when you have all the data you need from monitoring your leads.


That’s why it is very important that you monitor all your leads. When we say all, it means all your leads. You should know exactly what is happening from all the leads that you get from all sources.

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What Will You Learn:

How to monitor your leads and which leads you should monitor

Know what data to extract to easily fine-tune your strategies

How to retarget existing clients

How to get more referrals

How to get your ideal clients overtime

Get the entire picture of what’s happening with all your leads


In this course, you learn how to identify what does not work so you can stop wasting time and money on that.


And most importantly what and how to double or triple what works to speed up your growth at minimum costs and maximum efficiency. It is important to monitor your leads and know what to do with the data that you get.


Get started with monitoring your leads and start increasing your revenue. 

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About The Instructor

Joseph is the Malta branch manager and trainer at FairTech.

He is passionate about helping FairTech's clients to double and triple their income with online marketing.

In this course, Joseph explains how you can implement Local SEO in order to reach more clients and get regular new business.

Joseph K. Muscat

Frequently Ask Question

A: Yes, you can take the course any time, when it’s most convenient for you.

A: Yes, you can retake any module in the course as many times as you want.

A: The length of the videos varies per module but each video takes about 10 to 30 minutes long.

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Monitoring your leads will help you see which of your marketing efforts are working, which need improvement, and where most of your quality leads are coming from.


Monitoring your leads can help you:


- Get the entire picture of what’s happening with all your leads

- Identify which areas you need to focus on

- Fine tune your sales and marketing goals


Learning how to monitor your leads and knowing what to improve on is the first step towards creating a system that can bring you regular clients.

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